Squeezing in as many seats as possible means more diners… and more profit. Right? Only to an extent. Psychology is essential to restaurant planning. Comfortable diners will linger and spend more money. Here are our top tips for planning a restaurant layout that will put diners at ease. General restaurant space planning guidelines Basic space […]

Interior Branding: Do YOU Stand Out?
November 9, 2017

Interior Branding Also called environmental branding, or even brandscaping, interior branding enhances brand identity through the design of interior spaces.  Design elements go beyond typical decoration to improve user experience through mood and ambiance.  They tell a story and convey personality. Successful companies like Apple, Nike, and IKEA use interior branding as a business strategy […]


Scientists used cosmic rays to discover the pyramid’s penultimate secret. Though it’s been studied for centuries, the Great Pyramid of Giza is still hiding some of its secrets. Scientists researching this colossal titan–born “ethereally in the celestial light” around 2,500 BC–have discovered a mysterious void deep inside its limestone core: A massive, 98-foot-long space just above […]


UsTwo shares its approach to inventing new games in minutes. UsTwo has designed everything from the epically beautiful game Monument Valley to UX for self-driving cars. With any one of those challenges, finding a good starting point is hard. Doubly so if what you’re trying to invent a new game, which by definition should be […]

Asmundo di Gisira
October 25, 2017

Located on the East Coast of Sicily, facing the Ionian Sea, Catania, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a city rich in history and legend, harkening to a past plagued by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions thanks to neighboring Mount Etna. While transforming an 18th-century former mansion, Giuseppe Minaldi and Valentina Giampiccolo, cofounders of Italian firm […]

Marketing & Business
What Makes Generation Z Different?
October 24, 2017

Prepare yourself. By 2020, Generation Z will represent 20% of the workforce. And experts believe that this next generation’s dependence on technology will change the working world. In fact, companies who are trying to recruit this generation for open jobs are already experiencing the first part of this change. Generation Z doesn’t use email and they […]