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Studio ELI is a full-service interior design firm with specialties in interior branding and space planning for commercial projects.  We design with purpose and enhance function in every space we create.  Professionalism, accountability, and integrity are essential to developing exceptional, long-lasting client relationships, and we are dedicated to reflecting these core values on a daily basis.  As a result, we deliver superior service and innovative solutions that are unique to each client’s needs.

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Also called environmental branding, or even brandscaping, interior branding enhances brand identity through the design of interior spaces. Design elements go beyond typical decoration to improve user experience through mood and ambiance. They tell a story and convey personality. Successful companies like Apple, Nike, and IKEA use interior branding as a business strategy to enhance brand image and increase customer loyalty. And ultimately earn higher profits. In today’s competitive market, it differentiates them—and you—from the competition. Read more about interior branding strategies on our blog.

As Studio ELI’s principal designer, Elizabeth draws on her unique background in advertising, PR, and social psychology to add another dimension to the designs we create.  Strong interior branding strengthens sales and differentiates your space from the competition.  Want to learn how we can help strengthen your brand? Contact us!