about studio ELI

Our core beliefs…

We believe design enhances our daily lives and impacts our psyche. Great design showcases your personality and is unique to your property and set of circumstances. Making the old new again is a favorite challenge, and opportunities abound in New Orleans! We love to support fellow local business and add value to their brand. Quality is important, communication is key, and great customer service makes for a great outcome.

Meet our team…

Interior branding…

Think of interior branding as 3D storytelling that brings your brand to life. We use elements like color, materials, furnishings, art and more to help your space define what you’re all about! We create spaces that immerse visitors in your values, your personality, to connect with them emotionally and create a lasting experience.


  • Increase your brand’s perceived value (command higher prices!)
  • Strengthen customer loyalty (repeat business!)
  • Create brand champions (referrals!)

Successful companies like Apple, Nike, and IKEA use interior branding as a business strategy to enhance brand image and increase customer loyalty. And ultimately earn higher profits. In today’s competitive market, it differentiates them—and you—from the competition. Read more about interior branding strategies on our blog.

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